"You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart" - John Ford

As one of the most respected keynote speakers in the industry Shirley’s mission is a simple one: to help organisations stay ahead of the game, be first-rate and be the best leaders in their field and focus on a Master Mindset.

She helps people live extraordinary lives, full of joy, achievement, inspiration, success and gives them an understanding of how to unlock the Master Mindset.

Shirley draws on her business and personal experiences and professional excellence to share with audiences some of the tools for a Master Mindset that comprises her vision of success, leadership, fun and life.

Shirley’s key talks include:


Her pragmatic style of engaging the audience helps give them practical tools to apply instantly rather than writing copious notes.

Shirley’s Keynotes – click here!

Available for:

  • Keynotes
  • General Sessions
  • Break-outs Sessions
  • Corporate Training
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

To inquire about Shirley speaking at your next event, please give us a call on or email us.

What Shirley’s Clients Say………

Shirley is one of the most dynamic speakers I know. She not only engages and inspires our audiences but uses humour and her gift of being able to truly connect with the audience to get them thinking out of the box. Both men and women love her which was apparent as they lined up afterwards to meet her.


Shirley’s presentation was uplifting, enlightening and entertaining. Our group is made up of highly accomplished managers with years of experience and they can be a tough audience but you completely captured them with your energy, conviction and the undeniable truth of your message. Simply brilliant!


Shirley is awesome! I knew she was great from all that I had seen and read about her. Meeting her in person and getting to hear her up-close and personal made me realise how real and down-to-earth she truly is. I heard over and over from numerous business owners how they were impacted by Shirley and that she delivered more than they expected. She showed us real emotion and took time to speak to us one-on-one. She made us feel that we were the most important people to her. That is special! Thank you Shirley for helping to making our event the best ever!

BPP University

Shirley is an inspiration. She did a talk at our Wimbledon Women’s Business Club recently and blew us all away with her wisdom and knowledge of real life issues and how they affect us in business. I highly recommend her for any setting as she deals with principles which apply to any area of life!

Women’s Business Club

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Copyright by Shirley Palmer. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Shirley Palmer. All rights reserved.