How CEOs Succeed

Resilience, Excellence & Rapport

Whilst many CEOs believe recent disruptions globally will continue into the future, the role of the CEO is to reimagine work, reshape mindsets, create a road map for values-based leadership and build better organisational resilience in the face of adversity.
How Do You Feel?

It’s Lonely At The

Being a CEO is one of the most illustrious, powerful, influential and highly sought-after titles in business. However, it has been touted that only three in five newly appointed CEOs live up to their performance expectations in their first 18 months on the job.
The Power Of Pivoting

Game-changing Methods

Every great CEO acknowledges that pivoting has become a hot topic in the board room. Being able to breathe new life into an otherwise failing business, deliver sustainable growth and significantly change business’s direction is an influential skill to utilise.
Finding Support

Brilliance in Business & Life

Very few people can truly appreciate the unique challenges both internally and externally that leading an organisation or country brings. This is where having a superb support system – be it a confidante, trusted advisor, mentor or being part of a mastermind group can be immensely beneficial.
You are not alone

Albeit CEOs and leaders are often surrounded by people they are equally at risk of loneliness. Type ‘loneliness in leadership’ into Google today and it cites about 16 million results. Ask your peers how they feel, and you might also be surprised to find that many of them deal with lonely stages in their roles more often than you might think.

Acknowledging that you feel lonely is a great start to understanding more about you as an individual, being fully aware of your emotions and feelings, recognising your human behaviour rather than making the assumption you need to be superhuman. By accepting ‘feeling lonely’ presents in an influential role is a mindset shift and having the ability to see it as an experience not something to be fixed is a powerful tool to use.

Space for reflection and review

CEOs and leaders are under constant pressure to perform and some consider downtime as wasted time. However, creating time on a weekly basis is immensely beneficial to help bring added clarity, confidence and understanding to focus on the strategic processes needed. By acknowledging it is as valuable as any other meeting and scheduling it in the diary means it will get the priority that is needed.

Reflection gives rise to better outcomes and higher credibility with corporate boards, leadership teams, workforces and other stakeholders. It will lead to better insights into not only innovation but also strategy and execution too. It takes structure, discipline and structure but creating a daily or weekly routine can reap immense rewards.

Dealing with overwhelm

Overwhelm is a common problem that many CEOs and leaders deal with on a weekly if not daily basis. Being able to utilise tools to prioritise and identify milestones, together with breaking down projects, clarifying tasks, having clear and manageable communication lines will greatly reduce or eliminate overwhelm.

Scheduling time daily to evaluate your priorities and the necessary ‘to dos’ for the day must always come first. By focusing on three to five most important tasks (MITs) every day will always produce results rather than trying to complete twenty. By planning more and allocating time the feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm will be highly reduced and ultimately you will produce much better results.

Dealing with constant change

Many leaders struggle with navigating change no matter whether it is the organisation or the business sector. Having clear and concise communication with transparency is key to leading change. The timing and impact are tantamount to successfully manoeuvring change whilst ensuring trust is effectively and positively built upon within the team.

As the organisation seeks to gain added stability whilst maximising results it is important to eliminate unnecessary distractions when trying to balance creating an optimistic and exciting future.

Nurturing a strong culture

Creating a clear vision of the organisation’s culture is imperative in the current economic climate and as your business grows. By capturing not only your opinion but that of the overall workforce will equally enhance and integrate a more visionary approach to nurturing and strengthening a dynamic, energetic and collaborative culture.

Building upon this process through continually learning and development with exceptional training for the team will equally bring significant rewards to the overall workforce and the organisation itself.

Defining a legacy

Defining legacy often presents the question – how can you grow into an effective business leader as the best version of yourself? Coupling the human need for personal growth and the service of others can present challenges when any CEO or leaders takes actions that don’t align with the organisation’s mission.

By defining your personal mission first, finding alignment between it and the organisation’s objectives and where action needs to be taken hopefully common ground can quickly be found. It is equally important that the management team have found added alignment too.

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Thrive More With Shirley Palmer International

Beyond Limits

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, struggling to get things done – can’t quite figure out what is holding you back? Then imagine the opportunity to explore, observe, understand, communicate and feel heard with Shirley as a trusted advisor and confidant. By helping you to identify the limiting beliefs of your subconscious mind, delving into your mindset, and owning your genius you can experience what it is to be a possibilitarian. Beyond Limits is run over the course of one week.

The cost of Beyond Limits Programme is £2,995.

Mindset Mastery

Are you wanting to think bigger and faster, be more intentional about how you use your time and longing for a new style of influence? By enhancing your leadership skills and developing your genius zone with Shirley’s Mindset Mastery Programme an 8-week one to one curriculum which is focused on mindset mastery and conscious leadership; you have the ability to achieve all the above and more in a trusted and safe environment. By supporting you with a new approach to leadership you will cover the core areas of people, partnerships, culture, innovation, scale and impact.

The cost of One to One – Mindset Mastery Programme is £9,995.

On Call Retainer

Are you ready to own your genius, accelerate your performance and productivity and create a world-class business and life? Shirley’s all inclusive signature On Call Retainer Programme uses her pioneering principles of Beyond Limits, Mindset Mastery combined with bespoke tools through this 12-week curriculum focused on mindset, personal mastery and conscious leadership. Upon completion clients are welcome to continue on a month to month basis where required.

The cost of the On Call Retainer Programme is £29,995. Post completion you can opt to continue with a £9,995 monthly retainer.
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Over the last 25+ years supporting CEOs and business leaders has been tantamount to the roles I have played in business and also in building my own brand. Growing with these remarkable business leaders has meant I fully understand the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Without them there would be no brand today. Integrity, authenticity and an openness to share experiences has meant they have grown phenomenally with a mindset beyond limits. I am truly excited to see how the next decade unfolds.
Meet Shirley Palmer

Dedicated To Your Success & Happiness

Mindset mastery is the greatest transformational tool one can learn to unlock the keys to success and happiness. By creating simplicity out of complexity, you can understand the big picture, identify the patterns, find the leverage points that allow you to make the best decisions in order to manage your resources, and enable your team to be more adaptable, fast and dynamic to gain extraordinary results.

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Every leader has an urge to lead, inspire, and contribute to the greater good and this is why you need the right leadership qualities to guide you. Likewise, the right pace of change is essential in your attainment of success and happiness.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader”.

John Quincy Adams

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  • Multifaceted at CEO, CTO, CIO and CFO levels.
  • Uniquely qualified and experienced in financial services, business and process management.
  • Proficient and skilled as creating business programmes for pre-start-up, startups and SMEs.
  • An excellent open and active listener.
  • Self aware, enthusiastic and a strong communicator.
  • Skilful in building rapport and strong relationships.
  • Exceptional emotional intelligence.
  • Effectively recaps information to reinforce it.
  • Authentic, trustworthy, compassionate, and loyal.
  • Always adheres to Chatham House rules.
  • Inspiring, visionary, and lifelong learner.
  • Always committed to the partnership.
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