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Whilst many CEOs believe recent disruptions globally will continue into the future, the role of the CEO is to reimagine work, reshape mindsets, create a road map for values-based leadership and build better organisational resilience in the face of adversity.

A New Style
Of Leadership

As CEOs come to terms with the current economic activity and a new understanding how business and the workforce will function in the years ahead there is a definite need for change in leadership thinking.  Whilst many creative business leaders have seen the recent disruption as a huge opportunity for growth and some have subsequently focused on short-term business planning rather than long-term it is unlikely to be sustainable.

What’s needed?

Whilst in the past it was assumed a conscious CEO’s focus was on corporate social responsibility initiatives; today they have a more egalitarian and meritocratic ethos. The conscious CEO has an excellent overview of how wider changes occurring in technology, society and the economy will impact their business.

Is this you?

As a conscious CEO you will be focusing on short, medium and long term success combined with an aspirational mindset to create a positive impact through:

People – being in tune with the changing needs and values of your staff and customers.

Partnerships – seeking win-win-win solution and opportunities.

Culture – creating a more egalitarian and meritocratic ethos.

Innovation – able to identify the best technology to move forward.

Scale – creating simplicity out of complexity to enhance growth.

Impact – building a better world whilst making phenomenal profits.

Cultural transformation is no longer an option for a business to be successful but a necessity across the globe especially with a more human and heart-centred approach.

How can you grow into an effective business leader as the best version of yourself?

If for any reason you currently do not feel you are an effective business leader or the best possible version of yourself then the quickest way to solve the problem is to begin today. It might be tempting to think about putting it off however there is no time like the present to address the change.

As you review your role and consider more self-reflection you may additionally want to contemplate the following areas both personally and in the business.




Emotional Intelligence











Systems Thinking

True North



Taking 10 minutes each day for the next week and reviewing these areas may support your future thinking as you continue to progress in your role as CEO but equally will help you to evaluate how best to support the team and the organisation.

If you are a bit more curious about your leadership style, then why not take our ‘What type of leader are you?’ quiz below.

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