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"If you are looking for one of the best in business consultancy, advice and guidance with a personal touch, I would strongly suggest you work with Shirley and her team."

One of the most satisfying parts of my work and a real powerhouse in what makes it so worthwhile and fulfilling, is without a doubt the happiness, joy and success that it brings to my clients. For me there is no better reward than receiving short emails of thanks or a brief text message that lets me know that my work is truly appreciated. Here are a few kind words from my clients to share with you.

“I have known Shirley from the beginning of her private equity days. Shirley’s skills and knowledge have always been exemplary, first class and motivated to achieve the best of our team. We have regularly engaged her business services to support our clients in their respective fields. This has always produced excellent results. If you are looking for one of the best in business consultancy, advice and guidance with a personal touch, I would strongly suggest you work with Shirley and her team. They cover all aspects from investment to exit.”

John R. CEO & Founder, Financial Sector, London, UK

“My time with Shirley was transformative; every conversation yielded epiphanies and discoveries that together moved me from paralysis to action, and from frustration to possibility. She helped me create the ritual and routines that brought structure to my day and space to receive, create and thrive. Shirley’s energy and energy work were generous, and supportive. It was a privilege to work with Shirley towards defining and reaching my goals.”

Sascha C. CEO, Sustainability Sector, London, UK

“Shirley, we would like to thank you for the professional support we received from you and your team throughout the past year. Your suggestions and contributions were extremely helpful; and, most significantly, you instilled all of us here with an understanding of the real value of quality management and a commitment to creating the best system we can to represent our company professionally with our clients.”

Asim S. COO & Co-Founder, Tech Sector, Oman

“Shirley has a genuine passion for bringing out the best in others and a true desire to develop and expand leadership capabilities of individuals and organisations. Her work is having a tremendous impact on the mindset of those dedicated to making positive change at an international level. The future of our planet is currently held in the hands of our global leaders, Shirley is helping support the necessary shift needed to lift us out of crisis and competition, towards greater compassion, collaboration and a focus on sustainability.”

Jayne M. CEO, Bristol, Well-being Sector, UK

“Whilst we were aware of Shirley’s brilliant reputation we were amazed at her depth of knowledge in the industry and how she helped us reposition and see an immense added opportunity to explore and present our platform primarily aimed at one consumer sector and position it equally as a financial sector asset. Not only did Shirley and the team manage everything in a very short timeframe the work was first class. As a serial entrepreneur I look forward to working with Shirley again and would highly recommend her expertise to any start-up, entrepreneur or SME – simply superb.”

Monty and Leo, CEO & CTO, Tech Sector, UK & UAE

“Shirley is an intelligent and accomplished business leader with exceptional emotional intelligence (EI).  She quickly assesses, analyses and provides invaluable strategic advice that will empower you to take your business, career, and personal life to new heights. I know from personal experience!

It has been a pleasure to work with Shirley, I highly recommend her to my friends and colleagues.”

Jennifer J, CFO, Real Estate Sector, Boston, USA

“Shirley’s depth of business knowledge is second to none. She helped me get my head out of the business and focused on the vision, my skills and talents and better leadership. This helped me to fully support my team and help the business grow. Brilliant programme.”

Charles, CEO, Property Sector, Manchester, UK

“From the start to finish of the day I was treated with immense compassion and kindness. Shirley’s depth of knowledge in the business arena and in dealing with emotional issues is absolutely superb. I am still amazed how she uncovered the blocks holding me back from believing what I can build and achieve. Inspiring, motivating – I am awestruck with what we achieved and look forward to the added benefits and outcomes.”

Anne, CEO, Hospitality, Toronto, Canada

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Henry Ford

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Copyright by Shirley Palmer. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Shirley Palmer. All rights reserved.