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Leadership Programme

“A leader is a dealer in hope” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Shirley believes that everyone has the ability to be a good or great leader and therefore developed a unique system to help individuals become a more confident and skilful leader. So whether you are a manager, a CEO, a leader in waiting, a director, an entrepreneur who is dealing with ‘people’ issues, her programme will enable you to find your personal leadership style, identify your own inner strengths and lead effectively. Each programme is individually designed and is initiated with an intensive Leadership day. This is followed up with either a three or six month programme to ensure you are fully supported throughout the process.

During The Leadership Programme you will discover:

  • A process to regain your inner strengths and confidence
  • Tools to find you own leadership style
  • Leading versus managing
  • Simple processes to do more in a day than in a week
  • Great processes for optimising your health, energy and time
  • A process to help you sustain the work/life balance
  • How to energise a team to high performance
  • How to truly influence and be a first-class leader
  • Using leadership skills to achieve success
  • Create a vision for the future

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