How to achieve clear thinking? (part two)

June 25, 2021by Shirley Palmer0

This is part two, if you haven’t already read part one, please consider it afterwards.


Cut down on your sugar intake

For one day, I encourage you to take a note of how much sugar you are consuming. You might be surprised! Once you recognise how loaded your system is it is easier to pay attention to cutting it down and paying attention to your body’s needs. We all know how sometimes a little stress kicks in and we look for the chocolate bar, another coffee, or a piece of cake. Learn to switch these out and replace them with natural sugars in a piece of fruit, banana, berries, or a simple apple. You might also want to consider almonds as a snack they are a great brain food and will help you focus too.

Go for a walk

I appreciate not everyone has the opportunity of a green space, park, mountain, beach etc. near them to be able to get out in a greener nature. Being outdoors is fun, but even more importantly, it’s good for the mind, brain, body, and soul. Whether it is an early morning or lunch time walk/cycle or run, it can be powerful and grounding to support your physical and mental needs.

“A walk in nature, walks the soul back home.”

Mary Davis


Reading a good book is another great way to allow you to tap into your imagination and take you into another world. By focusing on the book, it takes your mind away from any active stress that might have manifested. Reading will encourage more inner thought rather than watching TV which is a passive activity. Enhancing our imagination supports an active and creative mind.


I would also suggest exercise. Most people say they don’t have time for exercise, but the key is to make the time whether it is 20 or 30 minutes a day it will make all the difference. If you are more physically minded and like team effort you might consider a team sport, a fitness class and/or yoga or even mindfulness classes. By simply walking every day it can be a huge support to your physical body. An average of 10,000 steps is the equivalent of almost five miles a day – so even when you are in the office getting up to speak to a colleague rather than picking up the phone – it all counts and besides, I am sure meeting your colleague in person will always be preferable.

Pay attention to your gut reaction

Often whilst under stress we are asked to make big decisions. In these scenarios, it is important not to make a hasty decision that you will later regret but to pay attention to your gut reaction. Some people might feel the physical response in their gut or in their solar plexus which is located behind the stomach and in front of our diaphragm. It is your energy centre for your personal power, self-esteem and confidence which is why it is so important to pay attention to it. Not one hundred percent sure of your response, then take a moment to breathe, pay attention to the physical body, feel the response – your head is more in tune with your heart and body than you usually think.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


If you haven’t meditated before here is some simple guidance, remember you don’t have to sit in a yoga position, it is not about clearing your mind but calming your mind. Whilst we are awake, they say we have anything from 60,000 to 100,000 thoughts a day. Imagine being able to be still and bring those down to 6,000 – how much clearer would your thinking be and how much more productive would you be. If you are new to meditation here are a few brief guidelines. Sit or lie comfortably. Close your eyes. Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally. Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. If you need to use a simple guided meditation or an app – Headspace is a good option.

Using these nine tools on a regular basis will truly help you bring about clearer thinking, help with your problem solving, allow your creative genius to flow and of course lower your stress levels too.

Still in need of some added advice and guidance – then book in a Genius Zone Consult to discover what your current challenges are and explore how I can support you in solving those challenges.


Lastly, ask yourself what will you do to bring about clearer thinking today?

And don’t forget to read part one.


Shirley Palmer

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Copyright by Shirley Palmer. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Shirley Palmer. All rights reserved.