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Every Winner has scars

Are you a Winner?

As Herbert Casson says,

“Every winner has scars”

and although we don’t necessarily want to go through the pain of failure it is part of the journey of winning and being a success.
How many times have you started a new project, a new business, a new relationship and said this time it will be better? Of course it can and it will be but only if you learn the lessons from previous.

Once you recognize that you are the master of your destiny and captain of your soul, it is imperative not to let your mediocre mind put you down with its scrutiny and to belittle your goals and ambitions.

Give yourself the space and opportunity to have light relief, to read a book, to walk in nature, to work out, to sigh, to acknowledge your breathe, to listen to your own inner coach, dream a lot, wake up on time, allow your wings to spread and fly.

Always be true to yourself. Invest in yourself. Take bold steps, reach out for help, seek all kinds of knowledge and don’t let your music and passions die inside of you.


“Every pro was once an amateur, every expert master was once a beginner. So dream big. And start today”

– Robin Sharma

You can and will achieve, be the winner you want to be when you set your heart on fire with passion. Let’s bring the winner out to play.