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Are you ready to feel supercharged?

It was absolutely fantastic to have the wonderful energetic Skip Archimedes discussing how to supercharge your life. Skip is the author of “10 Commandments for Health” and is CEO and Founder of Skips Naked Health.

He is a real inspiration to anyone who has faced adversity and challenge in their life whether physical or emotional. Having been told he would never walk again after a broken back during a gymnastics training session, he defied doctors and six months later was walking. He was inspired by Bruce Lee’s life and the similarities and subsequently took control of his life by understanding the mind, body and spirit approach.

Today he inspires audiences throughout the world with his astonishing two day programme ‘Supercharge your Life’ where he shares his teachings from his book ’10 Commandments for Health’.

He lives his life from these ten principles and helps his client overcome their health issues to live a more inspired, focused and healthy life.

His 10 Commandments are:

  • Thou shalt oxygenate with correct exercise!
  • Thou shalt hydrate with clean water!
  • Thou shalt supplement they diet with essential vitamins and minerals!
  • Thou shalt eat correctly!
  • Thou shalt love and forgive!
  • Thou shalt live with passion!
  • Thou shalt enjoy the sun!
  • Thou shalt live with a purpose!
  • Thou shalt educate thyself!
  • Thou shalt rest and recover!

If you get the chance don’t just take my word for it – book up and take part in his London event on 20 and 21 September. I am very excited at attending myself.

Please listen in to the full show and hear how Skip has created a supercharged life. Feel free to connect with the wonderful Skip on the links below and don’t forget to check out his London event.

Listen to the full show
London Event