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About Shirley Palmer

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

Who We Are

Today’s business is constantly changing and that’s why Shirley Palmer International (SPI) helps their clients stay ahead of the game with a bespoke toolkit enabling them to achieve the results they seek and more.

Whether it is a short-term goal, a new business strategy, revisiting the company’s vision, mission and how the team is supported; a more universal and integrated approach is taken to creating an environment which allows the company to be more flexible, creative, innovative and also opportunistic. This equally enhances and supports the unique USP of each client, their management team and all employees.

SPI has worked with hundreds of start-ups, and SMEs, as well as entrepreneurs, visionaries and multi-millionaires who span the globe in Australia, Canada, Europe, Oman, UK, United Arab Emirates and United States in a variety of different sectors from business services, consumer brands, software and IT services, healthcare, education, real estate, technology and the world of finance.

Who is Shirley Palmer?

Shirley’s highly intuitive and expert entrepreneurial abilities,  helps individuals make the mindset shifts that is needed in today’s global society. With a remarkable ability to bring out the best in others, and an aptitude to channel exactly what is necessary her guidance will give you a more simplistic yet empowered business and life strategy. Regularly speaking and presenting at conferences, her work has been covered nationally and globally in numerous diverse media outlets, high-profile blogs, podcasts, radio and television. Her personal achievements include:-
  • becoming the only British woman to run an entrepreneurs’ show on a US radio platform to half a million US business women,
  • a published author,
  • building her brand in USA,
  • supporting a multitude of visionary entrepreneurs in diverse sectors,
  • various brand ambassador roles,
  • recognised international speaker,
  • media coverage globally,
  • and being a founder of a UK health charity.
She has worked with hundreds of start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, visionaries and multi-millionaires with clients spanning around the globe in Australia, Canada, Europe, Oman, UK, United Arab Emirates and United States in a variety of different sectors. Shirley has trained in many modalities and is a certified MHFA. She lives life by her tenet, ‘Think it. Feel it. Do it.’ Supporting local charities, social enterprises or creating projects to meet the needs of others are all a major part of Shirley’s work in the community.  As a farmer’s daughter she equally loves the outdoors and encourages her clients to take the time and connect more with Mother Nature.