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About Shirley Palmer

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

Who We Are

Shirley Palmer International (SPI) is a global consultancy with a single focus: we help people in organisations to Master Mindset. Organisations are increasingly recognising the need for sustainable change within their businesses and the importance of a new way of thinking, letting go of outdated mindsets, developing a new way of leading and a new vision. Mindset shapes our goals, our attitude towards work and relationships, and how we raise our children, ultimately predicting whether or not we will fulfil our potential. Shirley decided to launch SPI to help organisations stay ahead of the game, be first-rate and be the best leaders in their field and focus on a Master Mindset.

Who is Shirley Palmer?

Having gained 30 years business experience and many years of life experience I have now mastered my life tools and created a life full of joy, happiness, fun, excitement, success and fabulous friends. This didn’t evolve overnight and has been a lifetime of work in progress. Having now mastered my own mindset I teach others the importance of shutting out the mind chatter, taking back control and allowing yourself to be the master of your own destiny.

I started life with humble beginnings as a farmer’s daughter in Northern Ireland and as the eldest of five children I didn’t have much time to be a child and have fun as I thought others did. Having been married at an early age, I subsequently divorced and flew the nest to the bright lights of London. It was here that I developed a passion for business, success and the meaning of life and following my Mother’s advice I finally learnt the meaning of faith – ‘to belief in oneself’.

Having worked in the civil service, finance and publishing I found myself in the private equity arena and loved the professionalism of the environment, the excitement for change, success and to be able to make a difference in a business. This too was a challenge as a young woman in a male dominated sector. I have always embraced challenges and seen them as ‘opportunities in disguise’ a chance to learn something new and see where else it might take me. Eight years ago I took control of my life and left a business I enjoyed in order to find my passion and be the master of my life. My dream of owning my own business had started to come to fruition.The journey has had its ups and downs however I am more than delighted that I made that choice. Today I work with CEO’s, Leaders, senior management teams, professionals and entrepreneurs positively changing the direction of their business and/or personal life.

People often described me as being dynamic, passionate, sassy, practical, personable and supportive but most of all they say I’m different because I’m focused, I’m determined and my passion is focused on mindset and leadership. Together with educating, empowering and inspiring people to be the best at achieving their goals in all aspects of their lives.

The reality is I am no different from you I simply made the choice to master my mindset and embrace life in every way.

Join me and understand how simple it is to ‘Think It, Feel It, and Do It.™’

I live my life daily from this powerful place and have a world full of amazing surprises!

Running a business, travelling the world with mindset and leadership events, being philanthropic, writing books and keeping in touch with friends and family ensures that I am always busy but I always have time for myself. I hope you do too.